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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro means January River in Portuguese. Had a nice dinner at a Leblon neighborhood restaurant with our friends Gabriel and Vanessa Hazan. The next day turned out very nice so we went to Baja Beach out of the city where they have very nice clean water. Valeria was our PTG (personal tour guide) for the day and was a very nice gal who grew up in Rio so was an asset to speak local. We are on sea day #2 from Rio and yesterday was quite rough, rainy, and cold. Almost no one was on deck it was so nasty out. Today is nicer with a little sunshine and a high of 75 degrees. Tomorrow we are at Punta del Este, Uruguay. That will be a walk around day with nice beaches and things to look at. The ship had a leaving Brasil party light night so you could even wear a tee shirt to dinner. We have to give up on our Portuguese language skills now and switch to Spanish. We are so skilled in Portuguese now that we know the difference in saying Thank You depending on if you are saying it to a male or female. Good thing since we no little else.

We had our lunch in Rio right next to this pool.

This was our lunch spot after the beach. It's a very new hotel and is slotted to get the first casino in Rio.

View from the Fairmont

Our little table at Baja beach

Baja Beach (spelled Barra)

Potato Gnochi at Suzzis.

Bruchetta at Stuzzis

One of many Bays entering Rio harbor


The restaurant

Only two salads for four people at the Fairmont

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