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Fortaleza, Brasil

The sunset picture was taken as we left port in Fortaleza. We spent the day at an amazing place on the beach Chico's and they had it all. Photo courtesy of our NO English cab driver Jorge Luiz of Fortaleza.

Band at Chico's. They charged a $5.00 Real cover charge when they started (for the three of us) thats $1.25 US

Cerveja Original local beer in a BIG bottle but comes with the cooler and it was perfect cold. Jorge maid sure we found the only English speaking waiter in the whole huge place, Paulo did a great job with us. Bill got a massage, Dawn & Paul a churrasco sandwich and some French fries with thousand island dressing.

The beach scene.

our first table as Mr. Bill relaxes

This waiter only knew Coca Cola.

King Neptune on the left with his wife

Henry (Center) is EVERYWHERE on the ship and never fails to bring us Drambuie after diner. Since we sometimes have an empty chair a our table the running joke with Henry is it is where Harvey the rabbit sits. Harvey sometimes has a buie too.

At the fantail one day.

Lousy friggin internet! I just lost about four paragraphs trying to save as a draft, darn. Had a nice dinner with Nancy the other night. She was on our world cruise and on our scary dune buggy ride in Abu Dabi, UAE. Bill has agreed to go to the dance classes sea days at 2:00 pm. This should be fun! I can't wait to meet Ursula in Rio!!!

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